Matinee Videos

Below are individual dances except for Ellie and Max’s (the iPhone wasn’t turned on enough enough time) and Mr. Loose and Megan's becasue the owners of Wham music will not let it work.

The videos are in chronological order as perfromed.


Oliva and Ryan

Ben and Kailey

Mrs. Sobrino and Trinity

Colin and Michaela

Gavin and Springer

Ms. Mckenzi and Gracie

Timmy and Serena

Mr. Loose and Meagan - may not play unless my dispute worked!

Miller and Ashley

Coach Casillas and Jordan

Chauncey and Arielle

Dylan and Kira

Tate and Julianna

Dr. Bergman and Delaney

Brayden and Olivia

ай Joe Oliveri 2014